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Planet spanning ideas that connect with people anywhere

After years of working around the globe.
Authoring benchmark-shattering campaigns,
experiencing the full spectrum of challenges and befriending people from all corners of the planet,
we have learned one thing:

We are more the same than different.

And life is better when you call the planet home.

We are an open-source, borderless creative leadership model based from Prague.

We are network backed,
but independent Minded,
strategically built,
to be creatively cultured.

Mandated to misbehave and explore what the future of a network could be. And in doing so, make a planet-proof creative product that helps brands navigate the growing complexity of an interconnected world.

We are relentless thinkers, turning every part of the process upside down.

We are creative innocents, still full of wonder about the world beyond our borders.

We are Planetary